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Rentals team update

Rentals Team Update

There is a huge amount of uncertainty at the moment and we know that the economic impact of this will effect everyone. We want to invite you all to keep in touch with us going forward if the situation is causing problems – we are here to help you.

Advice to Tenants

If you feel at any time that you may struggle to pay your rent on time, in full or at all please contact us immediately as a matter of urgency.  That way we can let your landlord know and work with them and you to find a solution to the problem.

Advice to Landlords

Should tenants find themselves with less income they may struggle to pay their rent on time, in full or at all. 

As a result we are contacting all our tenants to ask that if they think they will experience such difficulties to contact us immediately so we can make you aware. Together we can help form some kind of contingency plans throughout the coming weeks/months.

It might however be prudent, in light of the possibility of interrupted or late payments, that you put additional funds into your rental account or contact your lender about any help they may be able to offer.

We assure you that our staff will continue to be available for rental management matters by email and telephone throughout this potentially difficult period but our offices will be physically closed to the public and non-staff members.

 Keep in touch and keep safe

 From the Wm Sykes Team.