Sell your house with us

We know that selling a house can be stressful, but we’re here to help every step of the way.

When you call to book a valuation with us we’ll always answer the phone promptly. You’ll speak to a friendly, caring and sensitive member of the team who will get you booked in. They’ll ask you questions about your plans, your circumstances and the property you’re look to sell, so that our valuers are fully informed and know exactly how to help you when they visit.

All our valuers have years of experience. Before visiting they will assess how your property compares to other similar properties on the market or recently sold.

We don’t have branded cars or umbrellas, so our service is as discrete as you need it to be. We guarantee that we’ll be sending someone to see you who cares enough to take their shoes off at your front door.

We understand how important it is to do your research and make sure you feel comfortable with the agent you choose to sell your home, so we’ll agree when we’ll follow up with you and we won’t hound you with calls or emails.

Once you’ve chosen to put your property on the market with us we’ll move as quickly as you need us to. Your valuer will make an appointment to come back out to see you to take detailed notes about your property and draft the floorplan. At the same time we’ll book a slot for Lucie, our professional photographer, to visit so that she can photograph your home to show it at its best.

From our experience, we’ve put together our fundamentals for getting your home ready for photos and viewers.

Selling guide

10 top tips to prepare your home for the market

1. Declutter

Get your home ready by decluttering. Reduce any clutter to neutralise the space so viewers can visualise this being their new home. Keep spaces neat and tidy to demonstrate that you have ample storage.

2. Grab the paint brush

Pop a coat of paint on any tired looking walls or woodwork.

3. What’s underfoot?

Give carpets a refresh with a professional clean. Wet wash any wood, tiled or laminate flooring to make it super spotless.

4. How’s the garden?

Kerb appeal is really important. Tidy away any rubbish, clean up after your pet, cut back any unruly plants and brighten up the space with colourful pots.

5. External details

Spruce up any other outside areas. Think about sheds, garage doors, window frames and guttering. Make sure you’ve got easy access to any additional outside spaces and have a full set of keys handy.

6. Enjoy the view

Give windows a good clean, inside and out. Dress windows by making sure curtains and blinds are pulled back to allow plenty of natural light into your rooms.

7. Lighting

Make sure all your lights have bulbs in them, especially spotlights, and ensure all your light bulbs are the same colour per room. Turning lamps on will give a warm and cosy ambience.

8. Hide the pets

We love our furry friends, but not everyone does. Tidy away food bowls, beds and toys. Try and arrange for your pet to be out whilst your viewers are there, if possible. If you’re worried about your home smelling of your pets, please just ask us. We’ll be honest.

9. Fresh is best

Brighten rooms with fresh flowers, scented candles or reed diffusers. Go for something subtle and clean, not overpowering. Open the windows to let some fresh air in before your viewers arrive.


Open the door with a smile and look forward to meeting the people that will buy your home.