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Selling guide

Top tips for selling your house from our in-house home staging expert:


1. De-clutter

Prepare your house for sale by de-cluttering. Having too many personal possessions scattered around the property can give prospective buyers the impression that you have limited storage. It also draws their attention away from what you’re trying to sell.

2. First impressions last

Before viewings make sure your property looks the best it can. When selling a house you only get one chance to make a good impression.

3. Grab the paint brush

Redecorate tired or personally decorated rooms with neutral tones.

4. What's underfoot?

Have carpets professionally cleaned or replaced if necessary.

5. Lighting

Create an ambience for viewers by putting lights on and highlighting dark corners or rooms with lamps.

6. Fresh is best

Brighten rooms with fresh flowers.

7. Hide the pets

If you have animals living at the property, remove food bowls, beds and toys. Try and arrange for pets to be out of the house when viewings take place. Deodorise with candles, electric plug-ins and open the windows.

8. Keep the air fresh

The over powering smell of smoke can be quite off putting, open windows before the viewing to encourage a flow of fresh air. Light candles to try and detract from the smell.

9. How's the garden?

A lack of kerb appeal can often put people off viewing. Ensure wooden windows are in good repair and gardens are well maintained. Display colourful flowers in decorative pots to create a great first impression.

10. Tired garage doors?

Refresh garage doors by re-painting in a neutral colour or coordinate with your entrance doors.